Miguel Carter-Fisher is currently based in his hometown, Richmond, Virginia. His interest in the arts began as a child and was nurtured by his father, the late painter Bill Fisher. At 18 he moved to Connecticut, where he studied both painting and philosophy at the University of Hartford. After graduating, he moved to Brooklyn to attend the New York Academy of Art. There he studied traditional drawing, painting, and composition techniques. After graduate school, he worked at Soho Art Materials, where he educated artists, collectors, and galleries on diverse methods and materials of painting. In 2014 Miguel returned to Richmond, where he has taught privately, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Bon Air Juvenile Corrections Center through Art 180, and currently Milk River Arts, Virginia State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Miguel’s work has been exhibited at various galleries in New York, Virginia, and abroad.

Miguel can be contacted at MiguelCFstudio@gmail.com or by using the form below.